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Jasmyne Jones | Portrait/ Abstract art

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Jasmyne Jones | Portrait/ Abstract art

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I am an artist with many interest. I have tried just about every form of art, but my favorites portraits with abstract art occasionally. My biggest inspiration are cartoons that have a diverse cast of characters.



Many artists have a specific piece or “magnum opus” that they truly believe is some of their greatest work. Do you have any piece that fits that description for you right now, and if so, can you explain the significance of it?

I feel my greatest works of art are reflected in the many portraits I have drawn for my family over the years. I am a huge family person, so I put a lot of love and effort into those specific pieces.

Inspiration can sometimes be hard to seek out. When that happens, how do you usually deal with the “Artist’s Block?”

I deal with “Artist’s Block” by scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking at various art post or things that interest me.

The Arts have been an incredible tool to convey personal and cultural themes. What message do you want to convey and have people think about when they see your work?

When people look at my art I want them to see how diverse my subjects are. I love to draw women especially of all shades. Being a black women, growing up I did not see too many works of art feature women of color being admired for their beauty and femininity.

It goes without saying that the Arts have been an instrumental tool to the Black Struggle and Civil Rights as a whole. What has been your experience as a Black Artist, and how do you channel that experience into your work?

As a Black Artist, I have been told my art isn’t good enough due to my subject matter not fitting what is typically seen within my community. However, I continue to create art that represents me and my upbringing as far as what I define as beauty.

What or who are the greatest inspirations that have pushed you to become a better artist?

My greatest inspiration is my sister. She began drawing because she saw me draw, paint, and sculpt when I was younger. Her skill set now is amazing for her to be so young, so she inspires me to continue to create when I do not want to.

There are many inspiring young Black Artists out there with dreams of reaching the skills that you have. Do you have any advice or lessons that you want to pass on to the younger generation about being an artist?

My advice to young black artist is realize art is subjective and not everyone will like what you create. As long as you love what you created, there will be people who love it too.

What process do you go through when creating art? What are the steps you take to ensure that the idea you have is illustrated perfectly?

My drawing process now is to begin with a light messy sketch and a small thumbnail. I like to get the basic shape of things before I add detail. I never go into a piece with a plan because it almost never goes as plan or I find I spend way too long on a piece and end up scratching it.

How have you expanded your collector base and developed your career as an artist?

I develop my career as an artist by not putting myself into a box. I love to explore outside my comfort zone and primary mediums. As an artist I want to be able to create for more than just a specific audience.

Art is a constantly changing medium with new trends seemingly coming out of nowhere. How do you keep up with these trends?

Normally I do not keep up with any art trends; however, if one of my favorite artist happens to  try out a new trend I might try it out for myself.

Do you have any new pieces that you are currently working on that you would like to preview or mention? Can you explain the significance of that piece?

 Currently I have no new pieces I am working on. Rather I am working on acquiring a new skill… tattooing.

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