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Janie W. Fannings

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Janie W. Fannings

Special Education Teacher at Fox Meadow Middle School in Harrison District 2 in Colorado Springs

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Presently, I am a Moderate Needs Special Education Teacher at Fox Meadow Middle School in Harrison District 2 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have worked with students who have moderate, effective, and cognitive needs throughout my career as a paraprofessional and as a special educator. I teach because I love kids and feel that I can and do make a difference in their lives, I have an Undergraduate degree in Business Administration. While on a tour of duty as a dependent in Germany, I would often volunteer in my daughter’s classroom . One day while in her classroom, her teacher stated that there was a special education classroom down the hallway, and that the teacher could use some help with her students. I started volunteering in that classroom and fell in love with the students there who had severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Suddenly, I had a change of heart and realized that I had found the opportunity to do what I enjoyed tremendously and loved Upon my return to the United States, I applied and was accepted into Graduate school to pursue a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Over the years, I can say that I made the right decision to teach students with special needs. l have truly loved teaching, advocating, and supporting these students. The students have enriched my life also (my way of thinking , caring, and supporting others).

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Colorado, Fox Meadow Middle School, Harrison School District 2, I was raised in a family of six siblings and a niece. As a child growing up, I was responsible for helping my nieces and nephews with their homework. I possess a Master’s Degree in Special Education 1-Moderate Needs, in Colorado Springs, Special Education 11-Severe Needs Affective

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