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James Stewart Was Nominated By The My Black Colorado Community To Be Featured


Featured Nominee
Founder of the Colorado Springs Black Chamber Of Commerce

James Stewart

Colonel James Stewart
Veteran | 23 years in the U.S. Air force


Why did you join the Military?

The desire to fly. Fast and single seat was my only desire.

What do you appreciate about the Military?

Although the military led in achieving integration in America, there is still much work to be done. The military exposed millions to a world outside of their hometown bubble.

Do you think the Military has made you a better person?

Absolutely. I have briefed and interacted with world leaders, defended the nation against military threats (Vietnam), and designed advanced weapon systems (space based radar, F-15, F-16 fighters).

What is your perspective of patriotism?

The American flag I fly from my 30 foot flagpole tells all who see it about my respect for the nation I spent my military life defending. The nation is not perfect but it is deserving of our efforts to make it a perfect union.

How was your transition into civilian life?

I started two major businesses and led several nonprofits in civilian life. My Board of Directors work with Ent Credit Union to create the most impact on the Colorado Springs community.

What are things that people should consider before they decide to serve their country?

Everyone should make the commitment to serve their country early in life. This could be at the local, national, or international level. Your gift of giving keeps returning value to your life and those you love.

Featuring 63 Black Military Members in Colorado (Active & Veterans)

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Air Force Command, Assistant Director of Operational Inspections

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If you are going to take the opportunity to serve your country understand which branch of the service suits you best

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Yes, serving has made me a better person and I have made lifelong friends, brothers and sisters in arms.

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I believe a patriot is someone that has love or devotion to their country.  I love what I got to do for my country. I appreciate the opportunities my service has afforded me.

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The military has had a major impact on my life. It’s taught me leadership, ethics, essential core values and most importantly how to apply all of these characteristics in my everyday life.

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“If I don’t serve to protect those I love, who will? ”

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