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Interdenomination Of Faith | Church Of The Living God

Interdenomination of Faith Church of The Living God is a Bible centered church. We allow God’s word to come alive to show God’s relevancy and power in the 21st century. nBesides the dynamic praise and worship being ministered and the anointed preached word of God, you can adopt this Christian body of believers, as your home. Most importantly, they will support you in your walk with Christ. nThrough the various prayer meetings, Bible studies, and ministries held throughout the week and month, you will be able to connect with others in the faith while you connect with your Creator and Savior. nInterdenomination of Faith (C.O.T.L.G.) is an active church that is constantly growing and reaching souls for Christ. Here you will learn of God’s love, wisdom, his wonderful goodness, and his plan for your life. It’s a spiritual house that you can call home and where you will feel at home.

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