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House of Hair

House of Hair

For over thirty years House of Hair has been servicing the great people of the Denver Metro area with top notch hair care. At House of Hair we take great pride in the quality of our work and services. We offer the latest cuts and styles within a professional and clean atmosphere that welcomes any and everyone. It has been our consistency in service and valued relationship between barber and client that has afforded House of Hair the longevity thus far!

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CoCo, Marcus, Brad, Samantha & Kacjae Emerging on Denver’s Park Hill scene in the summer of 1974, owner and operator Raymond “Bo” Melons began the successful launch of House of Hair with the intent to distribute great service and a vibrant barbershop atmosphere. With his desire to balance a touch of class, exceptional customer service, and the unique traditions of the barbershops of the past, Raymond set the foundational structure of what is experienced when anyone walks into our establishment today; great hair-care service accompanied with the unique delights of the House of Hair experience. Over the span of thirty-plus years, the House of Hair has endured the ups and the downs of the business, and we are proud to say: we are still standing! With the commitment to supply the community and shop customers with the best possible service, the shop is devoted to making all the necessary adjustments and enhancements to better service the clients of the barbershop. After servicing the community through the platform of House of Hair, Raymond decided that it was time to transition into the next phase of life: retirement. Raymond officially retired in the spring of 2010. In keeping up the legacy of exclusive hair services and service, House of Hair continued on in greatness. Throughout the years House of Hair has not only operated as a business that issues out great hair-cuts and styles, but has also afforded many individuals the opportunity to express their creative gifts while earning and providing a means of employment. House of Hair has, and continues to mentor, equip, and afford barbers the opportunity to become accomplished professionals. Many of those who have been occupationally connected to the shop have gone on to become successful shop owners and creative entrepreneurs.

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