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Terrell Brown | Hillside Connection

Leveraging the game of basketball to create pathways to opportunity for kids in Southern Colorado Springs.

Hillside Connection is a  501(c)(3) public charity designed to “leverage the game of basketball to create pathways to opportunity for kids in Southern Colorado Springs”. Using sports as its primary medium, Hillside Connection brings together youth throughout the Pikes Peak Region to play basketball, develop resiliency and leadership skills, while working as a team.

Hillside Connection was founded by Terrell Brown in March 2017 as a way to give back to the Southeast Colorado Springs community. From 1999 to 2008, his father Nathan Brown served as a youth basketball coach/mentor for at-risk youth in the Hillside Neighborhood. Growing up, the Hillside Community Center and the game of basketball saved his son, Terrell, from falling victim to the environment in which he grew up. After overcoming several obstacles both athletically and personally, Terrell became determined to use sports as a medium to empower youth in Southern Colorado Springs.

The organizations  five-tiered approach towards youth development includes: basketball clinics, enrichment activities, community engagement, competitive leagues and academic/family  support services. To date, all programming is provided FREE of charge and runs on volunteer power! #HILLSIDESTRONG

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Terrell Brown

Terrell Brown

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