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Working Out v. Losing Weight • Breaking a Drinking Habit • The Hill We Climb

HEAL•THY•HABITS Newsletter by FIT & NU™

It’s been an eventful week since our last newsletter.

📢Special Guest

Our upcoming episode of the Habit Therapy Podcast will feature Dr. Sharan Rahman.

Photo of Dr. Sharan Rahman

Dr. Rahman is a board certified OBGYN who earned her BA from the University of Pennsylvania, her MD from Yale School of Medicine, and her MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

She has worked in a variety of clinical settings with patients from a wide range of socioeconomic demographics. She has volunteered on multiple medical mission trips to several countries including Somaliland, Guatemala and Namibia. Throughout it all, she has come to appreciate the “wonder of woman” and to recognize that we all share similar female insecurities and aspirations.

Currently, Dr. Rahman has a private GYN practice in Philadelphia, called Today’s Woman. She specializes in midlife female care. The focus of her work at Today’s Woman is to promote health and healing while working toward eliminating racial health care disparities.

‼️Dr. Rahman will make her guest appearance on Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

If you have a question that you would like to ask her, please email us ahead of time at pr@fitandnu.com. You can also send us a message on facebook or instagram — @fitandnu‼️

The Latest News

🇺🇸 Our nation welcomed a new administration and most notably, our nation’s first female vice present, Kamala Harris. Not only is Vice President Harris the first woman to assume this position, she is also the first Black American and the first person of South Asian descent to hold the second highest office in the land. This represents a significant milestone for minority women in the U.S. Fellow writer, Ayomide Ojebuoboh, had the perfect response: “‘Harris, thank you for showing us that it is never too late to be an example of excellence. Not only are you the first Black woman vice president, but you have also set the standard that you don’t have to be the last. You are a trailblazer for what Black women can do in the future.”

One thing to note is that while the Biden-Harris administration doesn’t represent the most diverse in history, yet, they’re certainly on the right track. So far, they have nominated the most female cabinet members.

Source: The Brookings Institute.

They’ve also nominated the most Latino and American Indian or Alaskan Native Cabinet members.

Source: The Brookings Institute.

🗽 Speaking of big milestones related to diversity, we were also thrilled to see diverse House Representatives and Senators be sworn into Congress, like 26 year old, Christina Haswood from Kansas.


We’re also still not over Amanda Gorman. If you haven’t heard her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” stop everything you’re doing and watch it right now!


Then check out some amazing written pieces about her, including what inspires her creativity and this detailed analysis of her poem.

🎵 On a related note, if you love spoken word poetry (and Hamilton), you should check out this incredible piece that was featured on Marketplace called “Who’s Yellen Now,” by Dessa.


⏪In Case You Missed It


That’s it until next week. Meanwhile, don’t forget to submit your questions for Dr. Rahman.

For more updates, reach out to us on social media and subscribe to our blog!

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