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Dried v. Fresh Fruit • Period Fitness Tips • Legacy of Resilience


Legacy. This month, we’ve been shining a light on the legacy and experiences of Black Americans that have been omitted from our history books but continue to have a visible impact until this day. The Atlantic’s Inheritance project has a wonderful collection of these untold stories that highlight the diversity of Black identities and perspectives that is not singularly defined by trauma and include stories about resilience and joy.

Speaking of joy, Netflix just announced the release of Waffles + Mochi, a 10-part children’s cooking series starring Michelle Obama, on March 16. Finding joy right now in any way we can is important, especially since many people are hitting a pandemic wall.

#EnoughisEnough. There’s been a deeply disturbing increase in nationwide reports of hate crimes, violence, and xenophobia toward Asian Americans since the start of the pandemic. Victims include the elderly and youth. If you’ve seen or experienced an incident, report it to AAPI to help stop hate.

The Pandemic Rages On

The CDC has updated their guidance on masks. To stay safe and stop the spread, health experts are now advising us to either upgrade our masks to ones with filters, such as the N95 or K95, or double up on cloth masks for extra protection. If you’re unsure of the best strategy for doubling up, Dr. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease demonstrated how he does it on NBC Today show.

While the US COVID-19 case positivity rate has fallen dramatically over the past two weeks, it’s important to continue following public health recommendations, as rapidly emerging mutations in the virus could undermine our progress if we are not vigilant. Additionally, scientists are finding even more reasons to be cautious about getting the disease. Not only is the virus deadly, the consequences of getting the coronavirus can have a lifelong impact on our health. The recent most troubling findings include new diabetes cases that have been linked to COVID-19.

Additional Ways to Protect Our Health

Learn about the difference between dried versus fresh produce and whether you should be eating one over the other. Also, check out these tips for optimizing your fitness routine while reducing period-related discomfort to stay active throughout your entire monthly cycle.

Want to learn more about sexual reproductive health? Tune into the latest episode of Habit Therapy with Dr. Rahman. Stay tuned for an upcoming episode with Tammeca Rochester of Harlem Cycle, the founder of Harlem’s first boutique indoor cycling studio.

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Fit & Nu | Health Blog

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