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Harvest Time Redeeming Ministry

VISIONnTo reach the lost,nTrain the believer, nStrengthen the family, nDevelop the five fold ministry, nPlant churches and support ministries nAnd take the teachings of Jesus Christ throughout the community and the world. n nTo share the uncompromised Word of God to all!nnTHE MISSIONn nTo reach the world around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.n nThrough discipleship training, teach individual believers to become less self centered and more like Christ; to become imitators of Christ. nThrough fellowship, build relationships within the local church bodynAnd create unity and love for each other with the goal in mind to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission making disciples of all people, teaching them all to observe all things God has commanded.nThrough Praise and Worship, acknowledge God for who He is and what he has done. nWe worship through songs, obedience, and proclamation of His Word!

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