Congrats on being one of our Golden Ticket, Peoples Choice Awards Winners!  We have a limited RSVP of 220, so please purchase your tickets ASAP.  We would love for you to be in attendance so we can present you with your award.

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Event Details

Date | Sunday. December 12, 2021

Time | 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Location | 3E’s Comedy @ 1 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Doors Open at 5:00pm

Networking from 5pm-6pm

Buffet Open at 5:30pm

Program Starts at 6pm-8pm

*Awards & Recognitions

*Live Music

*Guest Speakers

RSVP  includes Dinner, non-alcoholic drinks and Live Entertainment

$25 before December 1st

$30 from December 1st-11th

$35 December 12th, at door


Food | Ribs, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef, Mash Potatoes and Gravy, Fresh Veggie Mix, Real Mac & Cheese

Drinks | Lemonade & Iced Tea

Dessert | Cake

* Alcoholic Beverages Provided By 3E’s Comedy Club

Hosted By Brother Jeff Fard | A native of Northeast Denver, Jeff S. Fard, better known as brother Jeff, is a multimedia journalist, historian and community organizer.  brotherjeff.com

Live Entertainment By Alpha The Musical | A neo soul, folk and blue singer/ musician in Colorado Springs

DJ Shield is a family friendly DJ with over 1.5 million CLEAN songs for any occasion.

This is a formal event.  Dress to impress.

2019 Peoples Choice Awards Highlight Video


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The Results Are In!

3,022 different people voted for at least 1 nominee in our youth & young adult categories.  We listed those who received 10 votes or more.  Those who have received 50 votes or more will receive a special invite, as an award recipient to our Peoples Choice, Golden Ticket  Celebration In December.

We have 7 more voting categories throughout the year if you did not receive at least 50 votes this time.

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