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Gingy | Singer & Songwriter

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Gingy | Singer & Songwriter

do what I can to give a voice to people that aren't the first to be heard.  I would say that a lot of my music is also based around just like self-help, self motivating.

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Interview With Gingy

I qualify myself as a singer songwriter. I do what I can to give a voice to people that aren’t the first to be heard.  I would say that a lot of my music is also based around just like self-help, self motivating. I really want to make sure that I am crystal clear, very Concrete on what I have to say before I go out and say it.

How did you get into music?

I’ve been In music classes since third grade.  been taking music theory since third grade and just sort of been in bands and choirs all throughout my life.  In high school, I was in choirs, I was in Acappella groups. In college I was in Acappella groups and a big part of it actually was the community that I was in, in Kirksville Missouri. I had a really tight knit group of friends and a lot of us had a musical background. When I left my hometown, I got to Branch out and spread my wings a little bit more as “Gingy” and just kind of take a little more time to realize who that was and just what exactly I was going for.

What is writing to you?

writing is my therapy.  I’m not in therapy, but I’ve been in it through out my life. So I know how helpful it could be and I see that writing is just as helpful for me and it really helps me sort of that maintain some kind of sanity and really like putting words to my emotions and to all of the craziness and The Hectic nature of my brain.  just being able to put a phrase to that and being able to lock in exactly what that is, I’m feeling gives me a little more control over everything.

What creative talents do you bring to music?

I play the bass Guitar. I play the drums predominantly.  I play a little bit of piano. I’m trying to teach myself some guitar. I don’t try to confine myself to one medium, to one genre.  I tried not to just trap myself in the world of like only R&B, or only hip-hop, or only indie folk music. I try and do all of it because I think all of those different genres allow us different forms of expression.

what piece of advice would you give to someone who’s trying to grow in their creative talents?

I would say that the biggest hurdles is just realizing that you can do it. for the longest time. I was doing covers and I would have people come up to me afterwards and ask do you do any original stuff? Do you have your own music? Is there somewhere I can listen to you? the answer was always no. it just took that happening a lot of times before I started creating my own music. I used to tell myself  that I don’t write because I can’t write, I don’t think I’m good enough. I don’t think I have the skills. I had to let go of all the negativity and just really allow myself to see my own potential and explore y all those possibilities out.

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