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My African American Miss Beauty Pageant

“I started my pageant system to create a space for young black women to thrive in, and to use their crowns as a more prominent platform. Empowered women will empower women. As these young ladies succeed and learn how to be themselves, their self-esteem, boldness, and confidence grow. The Colorado America Pageant pushed me to […]

Jeanette Falu-Bishop | Making Legendary Photos

I want to be  able  to  capture a genuine photo. I want to be able to empower women and allow them to feel beautiful, to exists in photographs because our children are watching. If we don’t feel empowered and confident, our children won’t either. Many of my shoots have been inspired by Pelinda. She is […]

Frank Sinclair | Growing Your Business Through Networking

“Ever thought, I could really use some help navigating the muddy waters of business? Coaching is ridiculously expensive and rarely have true measurements. Dream Again is the answer!! We offer coaching that is about you and for you. It guides you through your story to uncover your destiny. And the sliding scale payment system prevents […]

Tiffany Ball & Lauren Shawcross | Hospitality Professionals

Tiffany BallEven though I have been in the hospitality industry for 14 years, it was not my initial career choice. I had an opportunity to become a teacher but dropped out and became a hotel manager. Every time I left the hospitality industry, I told myself I would never go back, but then I furthered […]

Rion Evans | A Comedian For Everyone

Rion Evans has been making people laugh for fifteen years. Initially, he did not pursue comedy, it found him when he accepted a job as a D.J., at a comedy club in Los Angeles. His position afforded him the opportunity to rub shoulders with numerous comedians who headlined at the club; and to his enjoyment, […]

Black Pegasus | Hip Hop Veteran from Colorado Springs

Robert Houston II, commonly known as Black Pegasus throughout the music industry, is a Hip-Hop artist based in Colorado Springs. He is the current president and CEO of Brass Knuckle Entertainment. Mr. Houston considers himself a pioneer artist after contributing more than nineteen years to his craft. Having achieved nine Studio albums including Black Pegasus, […]

The Reminders | Reggae Fusion

The reminders are a reggae fusion group made up of Big Samir & Asia Black. They have been performing artist and a a couple for over a decade. They have released 2 albums and have toured all around the world. They are one of the premier music groups out of Colorado Springs. How did you […]

Lia-Nelson James | Little Brown Skin Girls

What made you want to start your paper art business? I had a decoration dilemma, my husband and I had bought a house that was built in the 80s and it had big walls. It had lofted ceilings and I wanted to put African-American art up that nobody else had, but we didn’t have the […]

Kevin C. Mitchell | Words From A Field Negro

Kevin C. Mitchell is a community activist, emcee, and poet. As Executive Director of the Empowerment Solidarity Network, he works to lift up Families of Color and other marginalized groups throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado. His first book of poetry, Words from a Field Negro, is a portrait of an unapologetic black male – a raw […]

Porsha Stuckey | Professional Writer

Porsha Stuckey is a compelling, versatile, writer. She’s on a mission to assist Black professionals in pursuance of success through written word and infographics.  Ms. Stuckey is the founder and CEO of Write Touch Consulting; a highly specialized firm which focuses on resume preparation, professional editing, technical and descriptive literature, website, graphics, and menu design, […]

John Register | Professional Speaker

I am a professional speaker who helps individuals find their story, and I facilitate the brilliance in the room. How did you get into professional speaking? When I was a youngster, my father directed me to speak in front of the church congregation.  I also performed for rooms full of people at cello recitals.  These […]