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Legacy Nominee

Erica Crutcher

Erica Crutcher is a legacy on her own, she is a wife, a hardworking mother of three and a model Veteran wife who has shown her strength after I was injured in the Army. I don’t know how but with that mind she masterfully built the first Aquatic farm in Bennett Colorado. She started with nothing family raised in near poverty no loans or grants out if bare pockets she made her dream come true, now because she was on rented land, the landowner foreclosed the property and she was forced to hault the work she created and had to shut it down . She also was ble to place four new jobs in Bennett that was promising.. I am so proud of what she accomplished for our family and our town of Bennett, she brought a great spirit around here, gave hope to my daughter she can do anything with heart, fight, determination, .. Yes my wife became the first Registered African American Farmer of Bennett Colorado July 24, 2017. There has been no other in Colorado!

Hotel Elegante

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