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Ebony De La Torre | Colorado Springs Utitlites

My favorite part about working for Colorado Springs Utilities is being able to help our community members.

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Skilled black employees that work for Colorado Springs Utilities

Ebony De La Torre | Business Application Administrator

I have worked for Colorado Springs Utilities for 3½ years as a Business Application Administrator II. My primary responsibility is the phone system and support of our Customer Contact Handling Platform used by our Customer Services Division. This includes 65 phone numbers including the main phone number, outbound campaigns, and chat customer channels of choice.

One of the values that our organization is centered on is “People.” Through leveraging the different perspectives, strengths and point of views from a diverse workforce, we make better decisions in support of those we serve. We are a community-owned, four service utility, so our customers also are our citizen owners. That’s why it’s so important that we value continuous improvement and being able to identify ways to better deliver against our customers’ expectations.

I plan on continuing to share my skillset, experience, and learnings from a technology-centric customer experience background to identify ways we can continue to improve best practices. Helping to translate customer wants into technological requirements, onboard and support the platforms identified to meet those needs will be crucial as our rate payer base continues to grow.

My favorite part about working for Colorado Springs Utilities is being able to help our community members. It is important to know that I have an impact on the lives of others with the work that I do. Knowing that my contributions add value and support our organization being viewed as a community asset plays a big part in my professional fulfillment.

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