Ebony De La Cruz, aka E. De La, a Colorado Springs native, has had a passion for singing and touching the lives of people through her music for as far back as she can remember. It wasn’t until she was 15 yrs old that E. De La began growing into her artistry as a soloist and writing her own songs. Since then, E. De La has enjoyed singing at church, talent shows, sports events, open mic nights, celebrity concerts, and occasionally karaoke.

Although she has won trips, other prizes, and opportunities using her musical talents, E. De La says she is always more so touched by her musical experiences, and she feels the greatest satisfaction from being able to connect with people on an emotional level:

“I like to make it personal for someone, which is why I like to write and sing the types of music that I do. I believe music can heal the heart and move one’s soul; I like to be able to do that for others.”

De La enjoys many types of music and shares an appreciation for all genres. She remembers her most significant influence on discovering her passion for singing, being her older cousin. E. De La comes from a family of musically talented persons and feels as though, for her, it just comes naturally! She is such an incredible force in the Colorado Springs community and continues to inspire and amaze! She has performed at countless Poetry719 events, and audiences are always blown away, and we have so much joy when we see her on other stages burning down the night with her presence and voice.

Written By Ashley Cornelius

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