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Legacy Nominee

Dwight Gentry

Dwight Gentry has been a mentor to hundreds of young men, Black and Latino, since 1980 in Denver, and since 1970 in Topeka Kansas, as an educational counselor, and through mentoring programs, internship programs, and leadership training programs. His impact has given these young men the resources and tools to make better choices as they pursue their college and/or career options, as they begin to carve their own path and pursue their dreams, and facilitates their direction to stand with integrity as they navigate their lives. In addition, he has touched the lives of hundreds more, as he stands for Civil Rights and Equity, and challenges the disparities that our children of color have experienced in our school systems, especially the inequity with discipline our children face. He is a man of GOD, a man of strength, integrity, kindness, and honor.

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