I began sewing for our mime ministry because we did not have robes, and could not afford to let someone else make them. I decided to make our robes. We selected a pattern, material, and accessories and began to work. I stayed up for hours to get them all completed for a Fall Recital (15 robes in 3 days). I did not go to school to be a tailor or a designer, and I am an educator by degree. I started with a simple pattern, something I could follow easily (i.e., Simplicity, Butterrick, Sewing made Easy, etc.) the first sewing machine I bought cost me $99, and I taught myself how to alter patterns. I am in the process of teaching myself how to make my own patterns for ideas that I have. I am self-taught, and I worked hard to master this craft. I also do alterations. This is time-consuming, so I am in the process of being able to do this full time because it is what I love. All of my garments are custom made. I do not create in bulk unless it is for a group. Every piece I create is for a specific person, or event and God shows me what to do with their garment. All of the garments on my website and were designed for me, except for one piece.My job is to create something for my customer that no one else has, so they stand out in a crowd. Most of my clients operate in the religious sector, so the way I approach things may be a little different. I produce based on colors; however, colors in the fashion world and spiritual world have slightly different meanings. I have other clients, but being a Gospel Mime, my specialties are ministerial robes and liturgical dance garments. With that being said, there are different types of garments for a priest, ministers of dance, prophets, apostles, and clergy.

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