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Shirley Smith

Dr. Sheryl Smith

Associate Professor (Doctor of Business Administration) at Metropolitan State University of Denver & Community College of Denver

Education is my passion, thus, it is my sincere desire to enhance the knowledge of young people of today regarding the intricacies of the business environment. One of the centerpieces I uphold in any course I teach is critical thinking. In today’s society, there are many challenging aspects that must be overcome and as entrepreneurs and managers, we must be prepared to look at situations from all aspects in order to make a sound decision for the organization, for our followers, and for ourselves.
It has been said that each of us will influence at least ten thousand people in our lifetime; thus, the question is not whether you will influence someone, but how you will use your influence (Maxwell, 2002). It is my goal, to help each student develop their leadership ability and increase organizational success.

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Shirley Smith

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