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Diamond Bird LLC

Veteran & Women Owned, we specialize in Handcrafted Soaps and Skin Care Products.
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About Diamond Bird

Veteran & Women Owned, we specialize in Handcrafted Soaps and Skin Care Products. Our story began with uncovering a number of false and misleading advertisements. In particular, we realized the famed “1/4 moisturizing cream” was much like the Wizard of Oz – a bunch of smoke and mirrors. This stoked a passion to be more knowledgeable and selective in what we put on and in our bodies. It also created a desire to live a simpler, more natural life. This life journey started a soap making hobby that allowed us to eliminate useless and harmful chemicals from our skin care routine.

After sharing with our family and friends, who provided tons of feedback and encouragement, we researched more, reworked, reformulated, and improved our products. So, we invite you to experience the results of our passion for providing a line of skin care products that reflect a commitment to the well being of our valued customers, our community and environment. Only plant based oils and butters are used in our palm oil-free soaps, bath bombs and soaks, body scrubs, butters, oils and balms.

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