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Curls on the Block

As a non profit, Curls on the Block (COTB) uses a curriculum that has ten consecutive sessions where participants explore activities, careers and mentorship in STEAM.nnThe enduring questions girls are challenged with every session is how they can address the needs of the curly hair community with STEAM?nnSCIENCEnCurly girls are scientist by experimenting with different hair productsnnTECHNOLOGYnCurly girls are technologist by using social media to express themselves.nnENGINEERINGnCurly girls are engineers by creating a new technique to protect hair.nnARTnCurly girls are artists by using words, movement, paint and more to express themselves.nnMATHEMATICSnCurly girls are mathematicians by using math to calculate coupons for a sale on a new product.nnBEAUTYnCurly girls are beauticians by defining what beauty means to them and not what others think it is.

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