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A Diversity Of Perspective | Colorado Springs Utilities

This is an exciting time to live in Colorado Springs. Change is sweeping our community and bringing with it innovation, prosperity and opportunity.

Diversity Of Perspectives | Feature Articles

Skilled black employees that work for Colorado Springs Utilities

The Future Is Bright

This is an exciting time to live in Colorado Springs.  Change is sweeping our community and bringing with it innovation, prosperity and opportunity.  At Colorado Springs Utilities, it’s a privilege to contribute to the vitality and quality of life in the Pikes Peak Region.  The utilities industry is changing rapidly.  To stay ahead, we’re leveraging technology, along with staff thinking and experience, to meet our customers’ evolving needs.  Serving a population of nearly 450,000, the community-owned utility provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater services.   

A not-for-profit enterprise of the city, we focus on providing exceptional service at the lowest rates possible. Our customers are at the center of everything we do.  Inherent to our mission is a strong commitment to community. We actively support local economic development and civic projects.  In addition, our employees generously volunteer their time and talents to help others. We strive to reflect the increasingly diverse community we serve. That’s why diversity and inclusion are central to our work.

Formed in 1996, our DELTA Diversity Team plays a vital role in ensuring we maintain an inclusive culture to facilitate leadership and employee engagement.  This team – composed of employees from across the organization – encourages every employee to embrace the unique skills and differences of our workforce.   We also develop and sustain relationships with diverse suppliers capable of providing products and services at competitive prices. These relationships help to strengthen the economy and increase business opportunities for everyone.

Together, we will shape a bright future.

In Service,

Aram Benyamin, CEO

Colorado Springs Utilities

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