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Colorado Springs Black Business Network

The Colorado Springs Black Business Network is a group designed to create an environment of business, personal and community empowerment for black business professionals and business owners.

2018 saw the launch of the Colorado Springs Black Business and Networking group. Thier focus is to create an environment. The group encourages unity and service by emphasizing how giving back to the community. It believes this is integral to the business community and our professional lives.

Rodney Gullatte Jr. says , “starting the Colorado Springs Black Business Network was the scariest endeavor of my life”, but he’s out to fix a problem he doesn’t think would get solved otherwise.

I’ve met black business owners that have said, ‘I feel confident when I’m sending emails for business or when I’m talking on the phone, but when I meet these people in person, i feel like they don’t take me seriously,’” says Gullette. “That’s unacceptable. we are here to help black businesses not feel that way.”

Information from Andrea Guzman of the Gazette

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