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Claudine Malcolm | World Of Wellness

Thank you Claudine Malcolm Being A Sponsor Of My Black Colorado

Interview with Claudia Malcolm

What you do? World of Wellness (WOW) is a purpose driven center that consists of independent providers who offers wellness services to heal the mind, body and spirit. Education is central tenet in our approach as we provide affordable massage, manicures, pedicures, waxing, chiropractic services and yoga! Our yoga is donation-based to make yoga accessible to everyone. This year, we are working diligently to add emotional counseling, meditation and nutrition to the menu.

Why you do what you do

Life is beautiful but we often find ourselves distracted by the demands of our time and our hearts, distracted by suffering from accidents and disease and distracted by even our dreams. As a result of these distractions, we experience emotional and physical stress and we lose sight of the fact that life is beautiful.  At World of Wellness (WOW) we aspire to relieve you of your distraction so that you can experience the simple beauty, pleasure of life.

What is unique and valuable about your business?

World of Wellness (WOW) is different because we genuinely want to make a difference! We want to connect with each client and we encourage talking and sharing. At World of Wellness (WOW), our main currency is hugs! -Written By Claudia Malcolm

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