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Chubby Curls

Chubby Curls

Chubby Curls Super-Hydrating, Heavenly-smelling Hair Butters are the ultimate moisturizers for Your Kinks and Curls! Transform your Twist Outs, Bantu Knots, Wash-n-Go's, Roller Sets, and any other style just by adding Chubby Curls to your normal hair routine.

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Chubby Curls began as a pursuit to keep my hair hydrated after moving to Colorado from Florida (talk about a shock to the system!) In this dry climate, it’s important to me to follow a hair care regimen that includes regular conditioning and minimal exposure to hot tools. I am a self-proclaimed product junkie, but after trying dozens of different styling creams and gels, I felt that piece that was still missing. Using all natural ingredients, I created a product that hydrates and defines curls and leaves hair feeling soft and moisturized without leaving it greasy or heavy. Plus, it smells AWESOME! Just apply to hair in sections during your normal styling routine, whether it’s a wash-n-go, twist outs, roller sets or bantu knots.

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