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Cashmyr & Rodney Scott | Owners

Chloe + Maddison Skin is a premier Permanent Makeup Studio specializing in the latest industry techniques in micro pigmentation and has the largest digital footprint in Permanent Makeup within Colorado Springs, CO. We service clients in need of permanent makeup services such as Microblading, Micro shading, Permanent Lip Color and Eye Liner, Scalp Micro pigmentation, and Scar Camouflage. We utilize high quality tools and pigments to ensure that the services we provide last for the maximum average time. We are so proud to service Colorado Springs and surrounding areas! If you’re interested in how our services can impact your life please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you so much!

Behind The Scenes with Cashmyr

Cashmiyr received her education in Esthetics in 2014 from The Salon Professional Academy and soon after decided to pursue her dreams in permanent makeup artistry. Cashmiyr’s eye for detail and symmetry along with her empathetic nature is what drives her to provide exceptional service to her clients. As a result of her passion for esthetics and makeup Cashmiyr opened Chloe + Maddison Skin Studio named after her two beautiful daughters.

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