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Chloe Brown Fine Art and Spiritual Consultations| Tarot Card readings, art, and metaphysical store

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Chloe Brown Fine Art and Spiritual Consultations| Tarot Card readings, art, and metaphysical store

Peace Love and Light! I’m glad you’re tapped into those frequency! My name is ChloeBee Brown, an artist, educator, entrepreneur, and intuitive tarot therapist. I guide my clients to clarity, empowerment, and spiritual awakening using tarot and oracle cards as my preferred medium.

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Can you explain what Tarot is about?

What I do is an intuitive tarot therapy. I’ve always been highly intuitive and incredibly spiritual. As an empath, I’m big on feeling and sensing prominent energies in spaces, and while working with my dear clients. A lot of what I do, at it’s core, is therapy. I combine my spiritual gifts with my background in political science, art history, and psychology from Howard University to guide my clients through shifts in mindset, scaling up their business, and living happier more fulfilled lives.
There’s a lot of coaching aspects, spirituality, and therapy in a lot of what I do. I facilitate safe spaces for people of color, with an emphasis on women (especially Moms) to talk about subject matter and issues that are very unique to our experiences. But, at it’s core, what I do is I get to have fun and build with my beloved clients during tarot sessions and I get to serve as an accountability partner during their glow up!

Is tarot readings a spiritual thing or like reading fortune cookie?

It’s interesting you ask! Tarot is related to divination, which is as old as time; especially in African spiritualities and about our people. As long as people have been on this Earth, we’ve always been looking for ways to get confirmation from the Universe on the things that we’re curious about. A lot of people’s preconceived notions are to think Tarot is negative, thanks to Hollywood, but Tarot is found in all parts of the world, in all cultures, and dates back to ancient Aboriginal America and Africa. For me, Tarot is a very uplifting and fulfilling kind of spirituality.

Are tarot cards a tool of the devil?

Lol! Not at all… unless you want it to! When I read, it’s all about the upliftment and connection to a higher source. However, depending on you and the vibration of your reader, your reading can have a positive or negative direction.

However, when I read I try not to see problems or negativity  but rather trials and obstacles! To be full humans we need both the positive and the negative, our darkness and our light. Duality!

Do you need tarot cards to channel that energy?

I’ve always been connected to people, and it’s easy for me to tap into energy, be on people’s wavelength, be on similar frequencies. I’ve always been very sensitive energetically. I think Tarot created a space for me to be able to use those gifts, they are amplified through Tarot.

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