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Cheyenne Cisse

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Nominated By Ashley Atwell

It is my utmost pleasure to introduce Cheyenne Cisse – a personable, incredibly reliable, responsible, and world-changing young woman whom I’ve known since her freshman year. She is a powerhouse academic, leader, and colleague who exudes confidence, intelligence, and kindness through every action and choice she makes. 

The role I know her most predominantly in is being an officer in my Pre-Med Club over the last three years. In this role, she has elevated the club to a vibrant community and space where students feel safe, learn, and expand their futures. I first met Cheyenne as a new member of Overland High School’s Pre-Med Club. It was the first year I was the sponsor, and it was her first year at OHS. She attended every meeting, engaged with the guest speakers and activities, and was a very predominant voice! She has been a leader since the beginning. At the conclusion of that first year, she submitted her application for a Pre-Med Club Officer. During interviews, she outshined the other applicants with her unique ideas, initiative, and overall manner. Pre-Med Club hadn’t had a sophomore sitting in an officer position for at least a handful of years, and Cheyenne broke through. It’s also worth noting that the Senior year officers are the ones who coordinate and run the interviews. Cheyenne didn’t have to impress me (although she did) – it was her upperclassmen peers that chose her to carry on the club in their place. Since then, Cheyenne has proven year after year that she is the best person for the job. 

She is a dedicated leader who cares deeply about her peers and community. This is shown through her constant care of feedback from the Pre-Med Club members. She saw a need for another way to connect with the members, so she created and manages the OHS Pre-Med Club Instagram account. Through this and her check-ins at meetings, she makes it known she wants and will implement ideas and feedback from the group. Cheyenne spreads this thoughtfulness out to the local community too. She is the sole person responsible for initializing and coordinating semester community service to help the Ronald McDonald House prepare meals for all of the families housed there for medical care. I honestly couldn’t tell you the first step in setting that up, yet she does it without question and with the utmost excitement every semester. 

Cheyenne also holds herself and others to the highest standards of responsibility and reliability. She is always first to respond to emails and coordination efforts for events such as the Homecoming Parade or hosting guest speakers. She is first to speak up during officer meetings while taking a step back during club meetings to allow others to feel welcomed. Her social perception is akin more to what I would expect someone much older to have, and it only serves to help out the causes and people around her. Finally, Cheyenne is mature beyond her years, spearheading efforts to coordinate guest speakers for Pre-Med Club to host. She is extremely confident in approaching career professionals in person, over the phone, and over email to spread the word about Pre-Med Club and bring in those working professionals for the members to meet. Cheyenne fosters these relationships year after year, building her network of medical professionals to benefit everyone involved. One such relationship with the school nurse allowed Cheyenne to lead an American Heart Association CPR learning module for the club. 

All of Cheyenne’s qualities came to a head last year when I went on maternity leave. I was pregnant with my first child, and already incredibly stressed with having to prepare two months worth of sub-plans for three different class preps and no long-term substitute identified. Cheyenne stepped up as a Pre-Med Club officer to take that responsibility off of my plate as much as possible. I didn’t have to worry about anything knowing she was taking over the meetings completely, coordinating guest speakers without aid, and working with the myriad of substitutes and the Activities Director to ensure a smooth roll out of club responsibilities such as Back to School Night and 8th Grade Parent Night. Without her the club would have fallen into disrepair. 

I truly appreciate your time and consideration. Cheyenne is a great student, colleague, and overall person who is already making incredibly positive impacts on the people and community around her. I look forward to hearing about her accomplishments as she traverses her life path, as I’m extremely confident her accomplishments will be abundant and long-lasting. All the best, Ashley Atwell, MSc

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