Young Trailblazer Nominee

Ceirra Noel

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Nominated By Angelia Baker

Ceirra is a striving and determined student activist who attends Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr Early College. Currently she is holding community based positions such as founder of the DMLK Volunteer club where she has gained and offered to others over 100 hours of volunteering. She is youth ambassador for Steps to Success where she helps prevent youth violence in her community by hosting Safe Zones with The Montbello Organization Community or highlighting other youth in her community for their amazing work through the Positive Recognition Campaign. 

Ceirra currently has a 4.1 GPA and has challenging classes designed for students older than her. Ceirra is only a sophomore and has already set up an amazing foundation for herself, but she always goes for more. For example: Ceirra writes poetry to bring awareness to the social justice issues she sees everyday; she is working towards working with the Mile High City of Denver on the youth council because she loves her community and wants to be a part of the improvement for her community like having more opportunities for youth and safe spaces to go to in order to express themselves in a comfortable setting. 

Some of Ceirra’s goals she is going to achieve is starting a Future Business Leaders of America club, joining the Black Student Alliance, filling out 3 scholarships a month, participate in more internships: she has interned with YAASPA (Young Aspiring Americans Social and Political Activism), MSU drawing internship where she uses her art work to vocalize her thoughts about the social injustice system, and the BHSI (Black Homeschooling Initiative) where she researched why black homeschooling percentages were so low. She is working to start a podcast highlighting youth artists and athletes in the far north east area to help build a network for her peers because she wants to see everyone out of her community strive. She wants to be a part of the opportunities youth have to follow their desires. She is working on joining the National Honor Society, playing varsity volleyball, and so much more. 

Ceirra has so much on her plate but still gains fuel to put her all in everything she sets her mind to and many support her aspirations. Though Ceirra is shy she loves to network and build connections to gain leadership roles to ultimately attend Howard University and major in finance with a minor in sports management. Ceirra doesn’t believe in dreams, she believes in her goals.

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