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We often worry that we don’t have enough resources in our community to go around. When we see someone in our society that does what we do but does it better than us, many times we get a little nervous.
World of Wellness (WOW) is a purpose driven center that consists of independent providers who offers wellness services to heal the mind, body and spirit.
Nestled in the heart of Denver’s historic and ethnically vibrant Five Points district, the Blair Caldwell African American Research Library has, for seventeen years, been serving the community as a reserve of Black history archives. 
Tamara Nisbeth is an impassioned chef, 22 years seasoned, (no pun), and the radiant proprietor of Reggae Pot Express
I choose to fight to be a part of my community, while some of us are more passive. I think the choice is yours.
To be black in Denver is an opportunity. It’s the chance to be bigger in a city where you’re outnumbered.
For me, being black in Denver is about a creating community, and that community, to me, is a safe space where we can bear witness to one another.
Where I’m from, I was one in a mass of people who looked like me. In Denver, I’m usually the odd one out.
I think being black in Denver means paying attention to your own cultural identity, working hard not to let the bullshit outside of you define your blackness,
Being black in Denver is holding down my own frequency, no matter the temperature, pressure, and atmosphere.
For me, being black comes with all of its beauty, depth, history, and context, and I’ve always been acutely aware of that wherever I’ve been.
To me, being black in Denver means to be positioned where all parts of your blackness can receive affirmation.
For me, being black in Denver is about taking advantage of the opportunities this city has to offer
For me, being black in Denver is about building and sharing the city’s history while creating new experiences and memories.
being black in Denver meant being a prominent voice in a minority position.
To be black in Denver and black anywhere is to recognize the power of our history and the greatness from which we come.
Jasmine Narkita Gold is the visionary founder and artist behind Black In Denver – an incredibly poignant portrait and interview series which features Black residents of Denver, CO.
I am a water operations controller at Colorado Springs Utilities. I have worked here for seven years. I operate our water distribution, raw water, non-potable and wastewater systems
Our clothing brand is designed to inspire. We've committed to making clothes to inspire and encourage people forever. That's my motto, no matter what you know, your story is your story. So be proud and tell it.
. I want to make a statement with my artwork in a way people can see and feel; artwork that's blatant and in your face. When it comes to doing business with other people, my main thing is helping other people to heal.
We're a church that that seeks the betterment of our community and the advancement of Christ.
I grew up always with a dog in the house, and I was always bringing stray animals home.
I'm a professor of communications at Pikes Peak Community College and I'm also the department chair or the department head of communication in the division of communications Humanities and Technical studies.
Beauty is everywhere; beauty isn’t based on looks, but who you are as a person. When I see confidence, I see beauty. When I see self-love, I see beauty.

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