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Aurora Public Schools Teacher/Instructional Coach. I teach our most impressionable learners in early childhood. I got into teaching as a way to fight against educational injustices. I wanted to ensure that equitable practices were instilled in an effort to chip away at the opportunity gap.
7th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher and English/Language Arts Department Lead at STRIVE Prep - Montbello. I teach secondary reading and writing. I have always wanted to foster an appreciation, and hopefully, a love of reading to kids. I have always wanted to teach, since that first day of first grade, I'm not sure why. However, now I love watching the light bulb moments that the kids have when the understand the concept, or the message, or just a simple definition.
Born on Chicago’s Southside in 1978, her family and her faith community played important roles in the formation of her core beliefs. Her day-to-day life centers upon the charge to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8.) One result of this is her firm belief that what we really need in government are people willing to sacrifice and treat others right, and with respect.
A proud graduate of Langston University, Kenneth is living proof that education is a must for today, tomorrow and beyond. Good values were instilled in him at an early age by both parents and all of his siblings. While interning at Langston, he was able to actually see the importance a foundation can have on a community. He also realized the importance of giving back and helping others. It wasn't until later that he decided to creat his own way of "giving back". The Crowley Foundation is an avenue that will prepare today's youth for tomorrow.

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