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Dr. Annette Sills Brown and Leroy Brown became the proud founders of TheEduCtr which was established in 1988. Annette became a business and technology teacher, she also repaired PCs and MACs to give to the underprivileged and for more than 16 years, this husband and wife team began establishing mini-computer summer camps at daycares, churches, and libraries throughout the Denver Metro area. The Browns also established an online school in 2005 for kids that were dropouts, kicked out, pregnant, or pushed out of public schools. The school was known as The Education Center (TheEduCtr) Business and Virtual Academy. TheEduCtr helped many students return to their home school and graduate. Much of their work was done via one-on-one tutoring, motivating students and parents, and collaborating with other organizations to advocate for the educational rights of all people, especially African Americans and other people of Color. TheEduCtr also had a radio program “Focus on Education” on KLDC Crawford Broadcasting Station, to discuss the challenges parents of Color face while educating their children. In 2010, the couple’s passion for the rights of educators led them to develop a way to honor African American educators in the State of Colorado. This had never been done before! With the miracle strength from God and the support of many educators & friends, the Salute to Excellence in Education Scholarship & Awards Gala was born and celebrated its 11th year in March 2020 with over 400 educators & their guests in attendance, just before the first wave of the pandemic. TheEduCtr also offers in-service classes for educators renewing their State teacher’s licenses. Dr. Annette Sills Brown taught in Denver Public Schools & was an Adjunct Professor at Community College of Denver and Leroy Brown is a retired educator from Denver Public Schools. The Browns are happy to say that TheEduCtr has survived over 35 years of commitment of educational services to the Denver Metro area and has honored over 200 educators of Color throughout Colorado. They offer many educational classes for all age groups in a pandemic. TheEduCtr has been an enormous “labor of love” and commitment to the community of Colorado.
Sankofic Journey creates quality and factual black history children’s books, a source of authentic African made products such as jewelry, wallets, coin purses, socks and more. We also have a selection of un-cut body perfume and cologne oils and programs geared towards enhancing the quality black lives.
Dr. Sweet  was a Community and Reading Specialist  with Denver Public Schools for over  25 years. A Reporter and Photojournalist for The Denver Weekly News, the oldest and only African American oriented newspaper in Colorado.
Department Chairperson, 8th Grade Math Teacher, National Honor Society Sponsor, Girls Basketball Coach and Professional Learning Community Lead, Colorado Association of School Executives for Diversity Equity and Inclusion Program certified, Fountain Fort Carson Middle School, District 8
a Gifted and Talented Teacher in D11 Colorado Springs Schools who has a dual emphasis on children of color and the development of leadership skills in identified gifted and high ability students.
Basketball Coach For Fort Carson High School. "Coaches are leaders whether they want to take that position or not"
Tay Anderson tackles big city issues as the new Denver School Board At-Large Director in order to end generational inequity. 
Director of the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College | I believe that it's only through education that the world becomes better. It is how we can become better stewards of the world and of each other. 
The superintendent is responsible for day-to-day operations and the organization of our school system. I have the privilege of supporting over 3,500 scholars and 500 staff.
“As an adult in this system, you need to be perceived as a leader by every young person.” - Michael J. Thomas, Superintendent
With an "S" on his chest, Aurora Public Schools Superintendent Rico Munn, is the representation of what it is to be a real black superhero.
Shanae "HonestlyNae" Adams, MA, LPCC, CIGT serves her community in a variety of ways including therapist, educator, and sex-positive enthusiast. Her mission is sexuality normalization, explanation, and melaninated representation. Her passion revolves around the liberation of embracing sexuality. She is known for dynamic workshops, sex-positive mindset, and eliminating the "taboo" surrounding sex and sexuality.
8th Grade Science Teacher, Kids Teach Kids Teacher, Learning Coach at Third Future School at Coperni 2 Charter School in Colorado Springs
Guest Teacher at Colorado college and Colorado Springs School District 11
the Vocal and Piano Instructor for East Middle School in Aurora Colorado
(Retired) Elementary School Principal and District Office Administrator I was the first African American Female Administrator in Harrison School District 2
Executive Director of Remove term: 5th Element Center for Dance 5th Element Center for Dance
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at the University of Denver
5th Grade Math & Literacy Instructor at Highline Academy Charter Schools - Northeast Campus
Associate Professor (Doctor of Business Administration) at Metropolitan State University of Denver & Community College of Denver
I love to help children learn and reach their full potential. I am a Teacher at Abrams Elementary A
1st Grade Teacher at Highline Academy Charter Schools
Historical researcher; Genealogy researcher, Re-enactor, Horsewoman, Youth Programs
Business Administration Program Chair / Associate Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship
Substitute Teacher For Colorado Springs School District 11 & Piano Teacher. "Education opens doors to so many opportunities."
Teacher/Reading Specialist at Smith Elementary In Denver
Professor/ Instructor at the Community College of Denver | I teach business. I enjoy creating leaders and showing my students how to create generational wealth.
A Special Education Math Teacher/ Assistant Basketball Coach in Harrison District 2. "Teaching is something I do in order to inspire a lower income community in which I went to school. Allowing these students who come from a low income community with a lot of single parent households enables them to see hope. Hope that their current situation does not have to and will not always be. Coaching a High school in the same community, allows me to get to know older students and set up opportunities for them to mentor the younger generation. It also enables me to help them build confidence in themselves."
I am a preschool Lead Teacher here in Colorado Springs at our local Head Start organization. My job as a lead teacher is to steer our future generations, making sure that they have social and emotional skills they need to help them in the future.
Special Education Teacher at Fox Meadow Middle School in Harrison District 2 in Colorado Springs
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher D-11 Schools Colorado Springs. Also involved with Catamount Institute, environmental science club (YES Club), Kids on Bikes bike club., outdoor education
6th grade, Language Arts (Reading, Writing & Curriculum) Teacher at Fox Meadow Middle School in Harrison School District Two.
Executive Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Pikes Peak Community College
Preschool Para Educator, Director and Dance Coach. Lyn Knoll Elementary and Divine Dynasty Dance, My expertise is working in education and dance
Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at University of Colorado | Denver
School Social Worker/Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice. and with Cherry Creek Public Schools
Instructional Coach at the Jefferson County Head Start program
Math and Technology Teacher at Skyview Middle School in District 49. Also The amazing Owner of Mrs. Welch Creates
Kindergarten Teacher at Trailblazer Elementary in Colorado Springs School District 11
8th Grade Science Teacher/8th Grade Science Course Lead/Instructional Coach at STRIVE Prep Montbello Campus

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