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Rodney Gullatte Jr. , the owner of FIRMA IT Solutions, won the Mayor's Young Leader award in the Technology and Sustainability category.
A guest piece written by CEO of Denver Works, Rob Lee Andrews, about the pillars of social entrepreneurship and how they positively impact the local community.
ChloeBee Brown is an artist, entrepreneur, organizer, and journalist that is passionate about bringing the news to her community.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Uncontested Divorce, Credit Repair, Taxes.
theater company, Lincoln Park
art, education, entertainment, Lincoln Park
youth programs
STEM and empowerment program for girls
non-pro_t dance studio, theater, Five Points
performance poetry, Five Points
For me, being black in Denver is about a creating community, and that community, to me, is a safe space where we can bear witness to one another.
The Colorado Springs Black Business Network is a group designed to create an environment of business, personal and community empowerment for black business professionals and business owners.
I'm the program director for the Colorado Veterans Resource Coalition non-profit agency. We focus on housing homeless veterans and helping them through substance abuse treatment with the VA. Providing transitional shelter for them as they go through the treatment for substance abuse.
This is a fraternal organization, and our primary focus is trying to better the Community. We try to do a lot of charity and fundraising events. within the community.

Hotel Elegante

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