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Category: Community Influencers

Maisha Fields

Maisha Fields is a dynamic and passionate mother, wife, daughter, public servant and alum of Colorado State University.

Michael Hancock | Denver Mayor

To be black in Denver and black anywhere is to recognize the power of our history and the greatness from which we come.

Regina English

Regina English, Vice President OF Board of Education, Harrison School District 2

Tony Exum Sr. | Representative for House District 17

A Community Servant For Over 40 Years.

As a retired Battalion Chief of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, Tony dedicated his life to making our community safer. Now as our state representative, Tony has continued to serve with passion and commitment. fighting for families to earn higher wages, receive quality healthcare, and give their kids a better education. Going forward, Tony believes that in the wealthiest nation in the world, working families shouldn’t have to struggle. It’s time for a Colorado that’s good for the many.

Political Figure | Leslie Herrod

Representative Leslie Herod represents House District 8 in Northeast Denver, in State House of Representatives. Capturing over 38,000 votes in 2016, Representative Herod received the

Political Figure | Kevin Cox

My story is one of humble beginnings. I was born in Houston, TX; the youngest of three to a single mother and a deadbeat dad.

Hotel Elegante

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