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Dr. Annette Sills Brown and Leroy Brown became the proud founders of TheEduCtr which was established in 1988. Annette became a business and technology teacher, she also repaired PCs and MACs to give to the underprivileged and for more than 16 years, this husband and wife team began establishing mini-computer summer camps at daycares, churches, and libraries throughout the Denver Metro area. The Browns also established an online school in 2005 for kids that were dropouts, kicked out, pregnant, or pushed out of public schools. The school was known as The Education Center (TheEduCtr) Business and Virtual Academy. TheEduCtr helped many students return to their home school and graduate. Much of their work was done via one-on-one tutoring, motivating students and parents, and collaborating with other organizations to advocate for the educational rights of all people, especially African Americans and other people of Color. TheEduCtr also had a radio program “Focus on Education” on KLDC Crawford Broadcasting Station, to discuss the challenges parents of Color face while educating their children. In 2010, the couple’s passion for the rights of educators led them to develop a way to honor African American educators in the State of Colorado. This had never been done before! With the miracle strength from God and the support of many educators & friends, the Salute to Excellence in Education Scholarship & Awards Gala was born and celebrated its 11th year in March 2020 with over 400 educators & their guests in attendance, just before the first wave of the pandemic. TheEduCtr also offers in-service classes for educators renewing their State teacher’s licenses. Dr. Annette Sills Brown taught in Denver Public Schools & was an Adjunct Professor at Community College of Denver and Leroy Brown is a retired educator from Denver Public Schools. The Browns are happy to say that TheEduCtr has survived over 35 years of commitment of educational services to the Denver Metro area and has honored over 200 educators of Color throughout Colorado. They offer many educational classes for all age groups in a pandemic. TheEduCtr has been an enormous “labor of love” and commitment to the community of Colorado.
Nominated for excelling in academics, being a faithful and active member of New Life Christian Fellowship-Denver, being a changemaker.
Jevon is currently the senior class president at Widefield High School. He has involved his fellow student in various activities with bonding activities to help keep positive spirits during this pandemic
Life throws you the unexpected, you take it and move on.  Goals and expectations have changed but we believe that this is our test and we ask for help, acknowledge the mistakes and embrace the changes.
I recently graduated from Western State Colorado University, where I received my bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.
I moved out to Colorado in 2013. I decided it was a good idea to make a name for myself, get out there, and break the stereotype since I didn’t come from much.
My goals include becoming a dancer, choreographer, actress, director, cosplayer, and seamstress. I hope to meld them all together to create a unique representation of dance, theatre, and cosplay in the future.
I am an aspiring healer. I want to care for my community. It grounds me and I want to help heal the parts and people I love most in them.
On her way to becoming a criminal defense attorney, and eventually, an international investigative journalist. She is also among the inaugural cohort of the UC Hastings California Scholars Program
I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Denver. I'm a business major, entering the marketing or management degree with an entrepreneurship concentration and a minor in leadership.
Chauncey is a positive and vocal representation for his generation. Despite the risks of going out in today’s very unstable racial climate, he made his voice heard and his tall stature visible to those passing by during the recent protests.
An outspoken advocate that has helped many corporate business professionals understand the role they play in bringing about a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging environment to our nation.
Arlonda Berry not only is excelling while training for the Colorado National Guard at Fort Belvior, VA, but she is also a loving big sister and a caring peer to those she comes into touch with.
Aliyah's dedication to ensuring equity and inclusion in the arena of clean air, water, and food have been an immeasurable pursuit.
Trinity Reign Roberts is an example of when she sets her sights on something the sky is the limit. She has overcome many obstacles and continues to set a standard as a young entrepreneur.
Taylor is the YES M.A.A.M. Teen Queen and she is a great mentor and leader within the program. She has served countless hours of community service including toy drives and collaborations with other organizations.
Graduating in May with an Associate’s of Science Degree from PPCC and his High School Diploma. this 17-year-old has a GPA of 4.33.
A local young leader who has excelled in her academics and is Inspiring those around her to be greater. A current student at Howard University.
Ni’Asia Ali is a sophomore at Sierra High School. She is a 4.0 GPA dual enrolled student . She loves to write and has a creative gift in it.
At the young age of 14 Milani began her work as a social activist for women's rights. Milani's contributed to the passing of the CROWN ACT.
Marina is the Y.E.S. M.A.A.M. Scholarship Queen and she is a high honor student. Her GPA is 4.3 and she has been a phenomenal mentor.
Aurora Scholar award recipient. An aspiring architect with a charismatic personality who challenges those around her to be better.
An outstanding scholar-athlete at Rangeview High School. Currently, Jordan has a 4.5 GPA, he is an aspiring aerospace or mechanical engineer.
Intelligence, poise, charisma, empathy, grit, leadership, and courage; Je’Nia has it all. Many students say they want to make the world a better place, Je’Nia just does it
Jadyn had a fantastic junior season at Smoky Hill, qualifying for the 5A State Championship meet in every individual swimming event.
Ellis is an outstanding role model for his younger brothers as well as every Young King that he mentors through The Crowley Foundation.
Devyn is a scholar, athlete, artist, burgeoning activist, and a kind-hearted and benevolent community member, all before officially reaching adulthood
Eli Berry (they/them) has experienced hardship due to being a non-binary black child in Colorado Springs. Through all of this, they have kept their head up and mind on the future.
A musician (percussionist) since the age of 3 he has played for various churches around the country along with playing with the Denver Young Artist Orchestra.
Ceirra is a striving and determined student activist who loves her community and seeks to make those around her better.

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