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Bryant Perryman

So what is your name? And what role do you play in education? How long have you been in education? 

My name is Bryant Perryman. I’ve been in special education  and math for 5 years now. I am currently at Panorama middle school, But started at Spring Creek Youth Service Center; which is a Juvenile detention center. I’ve done 12 years in coaching, 6 seasons at sierra high school, and 5 seasons at Wide field high school and 1 in my own club organization.

Math became my favorite subject, it felt like my calling. There is always a right or wrong answer, And I feel that it is important to learn lessons that teach you financial literacy. To often people mess up on finances and don’t know how to come back from it. Which causes a lot of trauma which leads to depression. 

Why do you think education is important?

Education  is the pathway to the future, you know, especially, with what we’re going through right now with the whole pandemic. Without an education, people wont know about the things going on around them.

 People should educate themselves on stuff like vaccines, and the Corona Virus. Even, when it comes to our democracy. Educate yourself on who and what you’re voting for, Instead of going out and just voting for anything. I mean, not only that but on Financial stuff in terms of money and you know, I just think if you’re not educated properly ,your life could be a disaster.

So I think education is the key to success. It’s the key to our future. With all of this new technology, things change every day, and so there is always something new to learn.

 What do you love most about your role in education?

 What I love most about it is just building relationships. Building Positive relationships and meeting other people that you can build relationships with, those that you know you can achieve a lot of things that nobody thought they were capable of.

What is the best advice that you received about impacting the education sector? 

The best advice that I received is about improving, and how You have to stay with people. When things are looking bad at first it’s not always going to be that way. Don’t give up on somebody because you never know when they’re turning point maybe. 

What advice would you give to the younger generation about their education?

The best advice I would give is about their future. With the proper education, your future can look better than what your present situation may look like. I would say that education can pull you through any situation.

With  the proper education, life is a lot easier, and enjoyable, and with it things don’t look as bad as they would if you’re not educated.

We really appreciate all your hard work in the community Mr.Perryman. we are looking forward to seeing your impact on our youth as you continue to teach and develop them.

Written by: Camiio Patton


Self Submission

Teaching is something I do in order to inspire a lower income community in which I went to school. Allowing these students who come from a low income community with a lot of single parent households enables them to see hope. Hope that their current situation does not have to and will not always be. Coaching a High school in the same community, allows me to get to know older students and set up opportunities for them to mentor the younger generation. It also enables me to help them build confidence in themselves.

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