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Helping people help others in the name of Jesus Christ

Boundaries!? Thanks God!!

by Isam Itson III

Genesis 1:4b-5 – And God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

God’s spoken word established our domain, the earth, where we creatively, energetically, and purposefully nurture the lives of our fellow living creatures and help our fellow human beings do the same across the globe. This is God’s sovereign purpose for us.

Within our God-given domain, He has given us boundaries. God’s first creative act established the boundary between day and night. Primarily, this means our desire to achieve or pursue meaning is bound or limited by our need to rest. We also have a limited supply of energy, so we can only function at our best for limited periods of time. Therefore, we can only do so much in a day. Whether we are acting individually or collectively, God has placed limitations on us so that we can only fulfill his purpose for us over significant periods of time. In light of this, we have to practice grace and patience toward ourselves and each other as we honor God’s purpose for our lives.

If we honor our God-given limitations on our time and energy, we can increase our capacity, productivity, and effectiveness over time. We can even extend our reach across greater distances through the voluntary cooperation and participation of others. Over time, we will grow wiser and more capable, as we do whatever it takes to honor God and others with every part of our being and within every sphere of our lives. Over time, we grow more confident and secure in our relationships with others who are also committed to pursuing their God-given purpose with us. Over time, we mutually encourage our partners in life and ministry with God’s limitless love and faithfulness. Over time, we help one another accomplish the works of God in light of God’s wisdom for us; this is revealed by his recorded word, the testimony of the Holy Spirit within us, and affirmed by the community of his people with whom we serve.

God has enabled us to cover the globe and to accomplish great things together, over time, by making certain that we can only  accomplish so much in a day. This demands that we trust him with tomorrow. Every day, God has given us the time, energy, and personal support necessary to work. Every night, God has given us the time to rest, reflect, and renew our strength as we retreat to our homes for recreation, refreshment and sleep. Giving ourselves fully to God in wholehearted commitment to one another increases our influence and extends our reach from one day to the next. This assures a lifetime of service set apart for God and benefiting others, in every sphere of life, from generation to generation.

For Reflection

1. How am I spending the time God has given me?

2. Am I submitting to God by honoring my need to rest? Am I honoring the need of others to rest?

3. Am I trusting God with my hopes and dreams for tomorrow as I honor God’s love for others today?

Isam Itson

Practically Holy is a mentoring community dedicated to empowering people to help each other as a practical and sustainable expression of their faith in Jesus Christ. That’s what Practically Holy is all about. Pursuing our common humanity in Jesus Christ by honoring our God-given purpose and boundaries, as we follow Jesus Christ together, and help others do the same, as dedicated members of our communities, from generation to generation.


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