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Black & Latina Breastfeeding Wee- Denver

In 2015, Birth & Breastfeeding Justice Advocates China Tolliver & Luisa Duran along with Birth & Lifestyle Photographer Jennifer Fisser-Benker of J. Benker Photography founded Black Breastfeeding Week-Denver, joining the national Black Breastfeeding Week celebration August 25-31st. nLatina Breastfeeding Week-Denver was established in 2018 with the inaugural celebration August 12th-18th. Denver, CO will launch the first national Latina Breastfeeding Week campaign. nThe Misson of Black & Latina Breastfeeding Week-Denver is celebrate diversity, awareness and access to breastfeeding education and support for Women of Color, their families and communities. We strive to normalize breastfeeding in marginalize groups by providing body positive imagery which promotes the powerful bond breastfeeding creates. We strongly believe we can improve the Black and Latina breastfeeding rates when we put community first. nWant to connected with China, Luisa or Jennifer or interested in becoming a community partner?n

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