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Bibianna RX | Afro Pop

Bibianna RX | Afro Pop

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Bibianna is a Malagasy singer & songwriter from Madagascar. That is producing music in denver with  Producer Json Martin

Bibianna, formerly known as Viannason is a motivated, talented, and exotic artist. Born and raised on the island of Madagascar, Bibianna started singing & writing at a very early age.

Being from an island, Bibianna strives to bring an island vibe in her music but she also strives to make music that you can relate to in every situations.

In 2016, Bibianna released her most personal EP debut titled “Ça C’était Avant”. Describing details of her past as she moves on and hopes for better things in life .

Few months after the release, Bibianna signed to Bentley Records, an international record label that’s based in New York City.
With exclusive, unreleased songs, She continues to perform in & out of states with her live band and dancers.

Bibianna have had the opportunity to perform with TWENTY ØNE PILØTS. She opened up for Major African artist such Fally Ipupa and J.Martins. She’s done benefits events, and shows at multiple venues.

As she continues to grow as an artist, Bibianna has a worldview on life and a voice with unique highlights. Through her stories, she hopes to continue to make music that bring people together but also make music that people can have fun to.

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