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BeAfrica Shop

African textiles, fabrics and accessories

African fabrics are known for their bright colors and bold designs. The hand-made quality from just the fabric alone gives us an extraordinary connection to traditions and values it represents. African fabric is designed through weaving, dying, batiks (wax/dye), and prints. Colors of the fabric hold a long history of meaning and vary in uniqueness.

We thrive on only using the fabrics directly from our homeland – no middleman here. We are proud to have a diversified community of direct suppliers both local and one to the many beautiful countries in Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya.

You can find our products listed here in our shop, as well as in person at many published events. Follow our Facebook page and Instagram feed to see where we’ll pop up next. Through our commitment to support our African culture, we will feature products and support initiatives that are tailored to giving back to the local community and African economic development.

Our products are handmade with love and care directly from my home into your arms. You’ll see the passion we have for our products when you first open your package. We include materials about your fabric’s historical African roots, as well as details for wear and care. We hope you love our products and outfit yourself in BeAfrica.

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