Young Trailblazer Nominee

Ayauna Smith-McCullen

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Nominated By Eastlake High School Staff

Ayauna Smith-McCullen is an extremely outstanding young lady. She is currently attending Eastlake High School and is completing her senior year. Ayauna is a model student in so many ways. She has shown strong character and dedication as we work our way through this pandemic. 

Not letting anything get in her way, Ayauna’s drive has become stronger as e-learning and remote teaching become a way of life. Ayauna is present and positiver every day, maintains her schoolwork, holds a job, and competes in varsity track and cross country. In the off-season she trains and is looking forward to her final season. Ayauna takes part in extracurricular activities offered by the school to connect with staff and students in new ways. When given the option, she opted to take college level classes to fulfill her high school requirements. 

Outside of school she has strong family ties and is a role model for her younger siblings often supporting their e-learning as well. Ayauna is an exceptional person. She is well-rounded, well-spoken, level-headed, and extremely intelligent. She spreads positivity to all who she has contact with and is extremely driven. 

Ayauna would like to continue with her track career as she takes the next step in her future. Applying for colleges, she has already received acceptance letters as she pursues a career in the medical field. Ayauna stands out among her peers and will continue to succeed at anything she sets her mind to!

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