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Andrew Johnson | Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs Utilities has given me an opportunity to better myself and grow into a career field I can be proud of.
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Diversity Of Perspectives | Feature Articles

Skilled black employees that work for Colorado Springs Utilities

Andrew Johnson | Workforce Development Specialist

I was first hired as a Utility Worker  in 2009 for Wastewater Collections. Within a year I was promoted into the Wastewater Collections apprenticeship program where I became a Master Journeyman. In 2016 I was promoted to my current role with the University of Springs Utilities as a Workforce Development Specialist. I help make sure our employees are properly trained and able to perform the tasks necessary to keep the city running. The training we provided is not only mandatory, but it’s necessary to bring mothers and fathers home safely to their families.

Colorado Springs Utilities has given me an opportunity to better myself and grow into a career field I can be proud of. I was a construction worker who worked his way up from the bottom. The leadership in this company embraced, encouraged and challenged me to be more. My favorite part about working here is the people. I love to get out and network and meet new people. Colorado Springs Utilities has made me feel important and valued.

Diversity of thought is not only valuable to Colorado Springs Utilities, but to every organization in the country. Without diversity of thought and experience we shackle ourselves to a Univision workforce unable to progress and compete in a society becoming more diverse every second. Although Springs Utilities is not at the finish line, our veterans’ programs, disabilities programs, diversity programs and our work in the community shows we are on the right track. 

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