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All Star Barbers

All Star Barbers

Founded in 2019 by co-owners Elijah Wilkinson and Freddy Soto in Denver. All-Star Barbershop & Salon offers a variety of services. Anywhere from haircuts to dread retwists.

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A barbershop is a place where you can come in to relax and socialize with those who are looking to give you the best quality experience; a place where you can belong to a community.

Your traditional neighborhood barbershop and the future of mens grooming.

Founded in 2019 by Elijah Wilkinson in Denver, CO; All-Star Barbers opened its doors in October 2019 as a homegrown franchise.

 “We want to ensure a reliable, high quality experience so you feel confident in us to make you look like an all-star”

This is the standard that All-Star barbers holds themselves accountable for, so come on down our doors are open!

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