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Why do you do what you do, how did you start?

I love cooking. When I transferred from Alaska to Colorado, I wanted to work for myself. It wasn’t easy in the beginning. I didn’t know anything about running a business or being an entrepreneur. I started from the bottom. In the beginning, I made a lot of money, then I made no money, but I didn’t quit. I kept pushing, and I always kept God first and taught myself everything. I didn’t have anyone I could go to ask how it’s done. So I promoted myself daily, I got the clientele and established a following.

Do you have a background in cooking?

My mother and both of my grandmothers are cooks. But what really got me cooking a lot was being in Alaska with my husband. I was not too fond of the [local] food, so I started cooking a lot more and trying new recipes and getting better. I’m from a small country town called Coffee County. It’s located at the bottom of Georgia. I just knew I wanted to cook things that represent me and from where I’m from.

What are you learning this in the season of your business?

I’m learning that every customer thinks they’re right. You have to stand up for your business, be firm with your prices, but at the same time, take constructive criticism. But never let people bully you into going down on your costs. You always have to promote, even if you have to get out on hand and foot. Getting the word out there never stops.

What is some advice you’d give to your younger self?

Stop believing everyone is your friend. I have stopped trying to get everyone to see life the way I see it. There are so many people who are content working a 9 to 5. I’m an entrepreneur. So I would tell my younger self, you can’t make everyone an entrepreneur. It’s okay to lose people on the way. Everybody can’t go to the top with you. I learned that trying to help everybody sometimes ends up hurting myself in the end. So I would tell my younger self, do what you can for people, but don’t hurt your business trying to help them.

What are you excited about now?

I’m always excited about new clients. I get excited every time I’m cooking, and I have a whole lot of new clientele. In 2020 I plan to open my first storefront in Georgia. Colorado Springs will always be home for A Taste of Georgia because its where my company was founded.

-Written By Brandon Brones

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