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6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Peace During the Plandemic

Has life been getting chaotic with all the changes in the world? Does peace of mind sound like a fairytale versus a plausible reality? Could you use more peace in your home or office… or if you are like most of the world, in your home office? Today your favorite motivator’s Favorite Motivator will share 6 easy, free and/or cheap ways you create more peace in your life. Food for Thought in this episode address the value of emptiness. “Mimi the Motivator,” is a modern-day Master Teacher. Although degreed in Mathematics, her expertise consists of Entrepreneurship, Holistic Health and Marketing. Your favorite motivator’s Favorite Motivator is on a mission to establish a cycle of community and generational wealth in socio-economic challenged cultures. Her boutique consulting agency provides a holistic approach to personal and professional development through workshops, events, online courses, coaching, and podcasts. You can catch a new episode of “Get High On Motivation” every Wednesday, on your favorite streaming app.Sign up today to Convert 30 minutes of content into a 6-week Online Course. Learn how you can easily repurpose your old or new content to create passive income.Buzzsprout – Let’s get your podcast launched! Start for FREESupport the show ($mimileut)

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