Our People's Choice Awards Was A Success

Thank you to all who made this event possible and to the amazing nominees who make our community better! Nearly 3,000 people voted for our nominees, in over 20 categories!


525+ and growing | Black Community Directory For Colorado

A history of the various types of black businesses, creatives, churches, social and civic organizations in Colorado

We launched in February 2018 in Colorado Springs, CO. We have a dynamic and growing directory of Black Owned Business, Black Skilled Professionals, Black Creatives, Black Churches and Black Civic & Social Organizations.  Our Event page is updated Daily with Black Events and promoters. Our blog highlights those who are exceptional in our community.  Every part of our website can be updated and edited by our approved members.  You get out what you put in.  There is also power in numbers. By growing our subscribed membership we will gain greater influence and visibility in the larger community.  Teamwork makes dreams work.

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5 Reasons Why Our Directory Is Important

1 | Major directories do not distinguish between black and other businesses

2 | The cost of advertising in directories is far beyond the financial means of many

3 | None of the directories specifically lists church, organizations, and social groups in such a manner that black military and non-military people “new” to the area will be able to find groups to join

4 | There are no centralized areas where members of specific black groups live or have their businesses

5 | Others guides do not provide an immediate guide to black businesses for use of the city, county, state, and federal government agencies. These agencies are required to make attempts to assure that black business are aware of and encouraged to submit bids. This directory helps bridge the gap

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